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Tin Silo(s)

A Portfolio of Some of Our Projects

Free Flow Bike provides bike subscriptions through local shops.

They give people a better way to bike, give shops a new service to offer customers, and make communities safer by reducing bike theft.

Southport Dog Walkers is a network of dog walkers in Chicago.

They each run their own dog-walking business but gain clients and share jobs with each other through their website: if one week they're busy, they can hand off their walks to another walker. They get to keep more money than if they worked through an app and they can charge less because there isn't a platform skimming off the top.

Antoniao is an actor who performs on stage in Chicago and on film in Los Angeles.

He uses his profile site as a digital business card, and his custom QR Code makes it easy for people to find him in seconds and get their eyes on his work.

Overhaul Bikes is a mobile-only bike shop.

They rely on word-of-mouth referrals, recurring clients, and now receive new local customers through their website!

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